Back from a “long absence”, updates and things to look forward to

Before starting afresh from my long absence from blogging for almost 2 years now, let me take this opportunity to apologise for being absent. Believe me, I didn’t want to, but can’t offer excuses. These seemingly unending years of the pandemic coupled with some work related issues beyond my control literally drained my will or patience to write anything creative. But that is no excuse and to my readers who might have been waiting for some content from my side, I am sorry.

Thankfully, much of the work related issues have been sorted. I switched twice during the interim, left Mumbai for good (no, I didn’t like the place and never will and no, I am not sorry to say so) and now stay in Delhi, the capital of India. It’s a great place, filled with sustainable rapid transport infrastructure, spacious roads, cleaner public places, comparatively lesser crowds etc. I can go on, but let’s park it for some time. It does have it’s fair share of problems (I mean, who doesn’t), but it’s upto the individual to filter out and accept or reject the options available.

Work wise, I now work on consulting for environment and decarbonisation and help entities try and decarbonise themselves, with bespoke and relevant technologies or solutions. Something which I wanted to do since I graduated more than a decade ago. I am thankful to that.

Regarding travel and exploration, thanks to the pandemic my travel plans were cancelled and the long stretch of more than 2 years didn’t help in rekindling any hopes of travel. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. I believe I do see some silver lining of that sort now.

Starting this week, I shall embark upon another journey, to a mystical land in a far off place. It’s famous, yet enigmatic beyond measure. There is a marked amount of inexplicable calmness and spiritually associated with the place. Paradoxically (does it need to be?), there is also an unparalleled technological advancement associated with the place which may best be described in novels written by Jules Verne. The people seem to follow a remarkably disciplined way of life and strive towards achieving the highest levels of perfection in whatever they do, from the moment they wake up. A country where nature’s wrath coexists with the bountiful blessings nature has to offer. Hope to see what I can learn and experience in such a land in 2023.

And hope, to have you aboard this journey, which I believe, will be immensely humbling, spiritual and enlightening.

Sorry. Thank you. And I sincerely look forward to posting travel related content again, soon.


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