Travel photo challenge: Day 03

Travel Photo Challenge is a fun activity wherein I shall post one travel photograph of mine, for 10 days, without any captions or explanations therein. Of course, if one is interested to know more, I shall try to give a brief about the same in the comments (upon request), and I shall post a detailed blog post on those at a later point in time.

Without further ado, here is the first photo of this challenge. Hope you find it good.

Random sights and scenes like these are a beauty worth beholding for a long duration. It’s the picturesque things like these that confirm the veracity of the emphasis on the journey being better than the destination, to a large extent.

© Abirbhav Mukherjee. All the pictures / videos posted in this article are my own unless otherwise mentioned.


      1. To be honest, I never thought from that angle till I started venturing out into the paths less traveled. Of course, the destination is undoubtedly beautiful, else, why would you have undertaken an arduous journey in the first place? But again, the path itself can sometimes be beautiful.. 🙂 🙂

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