Мечта: The Quest to Live the Dreams (Part -2)

Reminiscing my memoirs of the Russian Sojourn.. The Birthday of a Lifetime so far..!!
Finding it hard to re-create a new bucket list (in a pleasant way) post the visit to Russia, where “buckets of wish-lists” stood done and dusted..

A Quest for the Uncliche

Telstar Мечта: The FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Official Match Ball (Courtesy: FIFA)

Dream is not that you see in sleep. Dream is something that does not let you sleep

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India

The previous blog post tells about the context, the significance of dream and traveling as one of the vehicles to achieve the dream and gain experiences.

This blog post will get into a little more specifics. How that dream didn’t let me sleep.


Searching for a suitable venue for achieving the dreams of exploration in about 194 countries is a tedious job, which might even take a lifetime. Hence, filtering the choices for the time being becomes important.

Given (or made) the choice, I prefer traveling to colder places, since I love that weather. I have also been to the Icy Mountains of the Himalayas many a times. Widening the scope was needed this time – both in terms…

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