Мечта: The Quest to Live the Dreams (Part -1)

Let me start by Wishing you all a very Happy, Prosperous and Safe New Year 2019..!!

Now you might be wondering, what on earth is this “Мечта”, with a strange looking “y”? Let me clarify this.

Мечта is pronounced as “Mechta” which means “Dream” in the Russian language. Dream, as former Indian President Dr. Kalam aptly mentioned, is not the one which you see while you are asleep, but the one which never lets you sleep till you achieve it. And interestingly, the Official Match Ball of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia was named as “Telstar Мечта”. Dream. Мечта. That my friends is the theme of this post.

The Dream

You might have come across this phrase quite often in your life. It says that you have arrived empty handed in this world, and in the same manner shall you leave this world. Seems quite stoic and erudite, isn’t it? After all, who can be oblivious to this seeming Gospel fact?

What if I tell you that there are some “Conditions applied” to this thought?

While it does not take a degree in rocket science to understand the veracity of this statement in the fact that we cannot take physical objects or possessions in the end, it also takes a no brainer to understand that the fallacy of the old age saying from the simple fact that the memories or the experiences we gain is something which no force can separate from us. They will always stay with us.

Now coming back from this esoteric discussion to the present. Let me ask you a simple question: Why do you travel?

Let me take the liberty of reasoning out your responses. They might broadly be bucketed into the following major buckets:

  • To work
  • To Relax
  • To meet people
  • To see some interesting or famous place
  • To click more selfies to share / upload
  • To tick off some items from one’s bucket list

But, what if I tell you that my purpose of traveling is Not quite related to the above. It is somewhat different, and hence, is usually not categorized into a separate bucket.

For me, the only purpose of travel is to gather experience. Experience and memories during travel is usually sought not through the medium of selfies, but by more people to people interactions, closely observing their customs, visit the incredible places rarely touched and create breathtaking memories lasting a lifetime.

That, my friends is the “Dream”. And this I shall explain in the subsequent article (Part – 2).

Till then, Happy Reading..!! Enjoy the crisp weather of the Winter (if applicable)..


  1. Really a great post! I like your way towards travel. Interacting with unknown people is a good feel, we learn a lot from them and tries to understand their culture as well. Very well written. Keep going. 😊✌

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Madam for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts.. ☺️
      Agreed, traveling and connecting with people of different cultures in their home helps understand their vibrant culture, as well as offers a great learning experience..!!
      This article is a lead on to the next one though, hope you check that out as well.. ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hai tradotto in parole il mio pensiero. Quando mi si chiede perché ami così tanto viaggiare rispondo che mi arricchisce, mi rende felice, è felicità a lento rilascio. Non finisce mai: mi basta un’immagine, un ricordo, un profumo e sono ancora una volta in un luogo indimenticabile…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Bene, sono felice di sapere che i nostri pensieri corrispondono così bene. Sono pienamente d’accordo con quello che hai detto, Benedetta. Per me, viaggiare è anche una dipendenza per saperne di più esplorando di più. Grazie ancora per le tue gentili parole.. ☺️☺️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Madam for your good wishes and for taking the time out to visit my blog.. 😊 Agree with you on gathering experiences from traveling..
      Wishing you Happy and Safe Travels and experiences for this year and the years to come..!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I will LOVE Scotland, especially your beloved Glencoe.. ☺️❄️
      And I wonder why people hate cold and winters.. they are so beautiful.. Be it snowflakes or a frozen landscape, everything becomes magical whenever it snows, heavily.. ☺️
      And yes, the snowflakes are simply a vehicle for nature to flaunt it’s microscopic finesse.. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I guess in life we just are not always happy with our surroundings. I mean here we always moan re the cold etc and the wet and the damp. But here’s you longing for that cold. These are lovely words re vehicles of nature and snowflakes. I always think snow has the ability to wipe everything clean.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Rightly said Madam.. very few people actually like the place they are in..
          I don’t like damp environments for sure.. but if its Freezing Cold, then I don’t think dampness ever has got any part to play..!!
          I heard in UK it rains like crazy, almost 10-15 days a month. Is that true? I can very well imagine the irritation too much rains and dampness causes.
          Of course, I don’t know about Scotland.. But seeing your blog posts, I can assume that atleast during the Winters, it can be a Heaven.. and that is what matters.. 🙂
          As you have rightly said, snow has the ability to wipe everything clean..!!


    1. Ahh.. you caught it Madam.. 😊
      I mean, I don’t think anyone else paid such an attention to detail before.. I am speechless. I feel privileged and honoured. I mean it..
      Thank you so much.. ☺️☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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